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BTechHub is an engineering educational site which gives information from different fields i.e. hub- hub is a point in which gives all information’s of different B.Tech Engineering branches, as name says B.Tech hub, we provide all information on top categories, University News, Notes and ppts-Hub, B.Tech Main project topics, B.Tech Mini project topics, Seminar topics, Labs,Job opportunities, How to, Online Shopping and Technology!

There is a reason why we choose only this categories, as these are the most useful things that every engineer life need to know, so we are providing top results from all categories , most popular things, most popular top  lists etc.

There are more no. of sites giving information regarding engineering but what's the difference between them to us? in simple, we are what we are!, our way of posting all information that necessary for a engineering student are available in one webpage – B.Tech Hub all the top 10 lists are different, and you can experience the same if you see our posts!

If you have any suggestion, you can contact us through our Facebook page or through our Contact us page, and we are soon going to start polls, so users/viewers can vote, we designed this website with a view to  help the competitors to improve their efficiency and scoring capacity. Though we are providing a very little practicing material here, we know that too small is too big in the beginning and too small is also shows something later. No doubt, every journey starts with a single step and we hope that our material provided in this website will pave a path for your successful long journe.
 Stay updated and stay tuned!


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